A walk in the Historical Center of the city…the best way to get to know the city:

..your local guide will start the tour from Piazza Navona, a typical Roman square which used to be the ancient Stadium built by Emperor Domitian, and its ruins are still visible underneath the square. The famous fountain of the Four Rivers, by Bernini,stands in the middle of the square and in front of it the church of Santa Agnese with its beautiful faceade that was renovated in the 17th century by Francesco Borromini, Bernini’s rival…..we’ll proceed with a visit to the Pantheon, the temple dedicated to all Pagan Gods, rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century A.D., and considered the greatest architectural work of the ancient times.Today it houses the Catholic Church of Saint Mary and the Martyrs…our walk continues through the narrow streets of the city to get to the most celebrated fountain in the world, Trevi Fontain, which is one of the symbols of Rome. This fountain has been used as the perfect scenery for old movies like “La dolce Vita” by Fellini….Our tour will end in Spanish Square in front of the steps by the most exclusive shopping street in Rome, the Via Condotti….

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