Hadrian’s Villa Tour

Hadrian’s Villa is today considered a world unique archaeological site where you will see the brilliant architectural creations by the Emperor Hadrian for his new Villa outside Rome……Hadrian’s Villa was built at the foot of the Tiburtinehills not far from Tivoli (Tibur). The original imperial Villa was certainly greater than the archaelogical area seen today and must have spread over at least 120 hectares. Hadrian’s Villa was well connected and very close to Rome (28 kilometers) thanks to Via Tiburtina, an ancient roman road……it could have also been reached by the Aniene river which was sailable at the time. The Villa designed by the Emperor was huge in its size and it can be compared with a small indipendent town . There were all kind of buildings like the Imperial palace, Greek theater, Temples, Libraries, Courtyard, Gardens, Baths, Fountains, Guard barracks and so on……   …the search for equilibrium between architectural features and nature constitutes one of the principal aspects at the base of the original design of the Villa which was rich of woods, fishponds, artificial lakes, grottos.Length of this tour is approximately 4 hours

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Regular ticket: Euros 8.50
Reduced ticket: Euros 5.25 (only for European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years of age)
Free entrance for European citizens below 18 and above 65 years of age. An entrance fee of euro 2.00 is compulsory.