Roman Holiday  Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn

Roman Holiday is a 1953 romantic comedy. It was the first movie Audrey Hepburn
starred in. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress.
The movie was directed and produced by William Wyler. It was written by John Dighton
and author Dalton Trumbo. In the 1970s, both Peck and Hepburn were approached with
the idea of a sequel, but the project never came to fruition.
The film was remade for television in 1987 with Tom Conti and Catherine Oxenberg,
who herself came from a European royal family. …

.Ann (Hepburn) is a royal princess of an unspecified country. She is on a widely
publicized tour of several European capitals, including Rome. One night, she is
overwhelmed by thestrenuous demands of her official duties, where her day is
tightly scheduled. Her doctor gives her a sedative to calm her down and help her
sleep, but she secretly leaves her country’s embassy to experience Rome by herself.
The injection eventually takes effect and she falls asleep on a bench, where Joe
Bradley (Peck), an expatriate American reporterworking for the Rome Daily
American, finds her. Not recognizing her, he offers her money so that she can take
a taxi home, but she refuses to cooperate…

Joe realizes he is sitting on a windfall. Hiding the fact that he is a reporter,
he offers to show Rome to Anya, but not before getting his photographer
friend, Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert), to tag along to secretly take
pictures. However, Anya declines Joe’s offer and leaves. Enjoying her
freedom, on a whim, Anya gets her hair cut short in a barbershop.
Joe follows and “accidentally” meets her again. They spend the day
seeing the sights, including the “Mouth of Truth”, a face carved in marble
which is said to bite off the hands of liars. When Joe pulls his hand out of
the mouth, it appears to be missing, causing Anya to scream. …

Later, Anya shares with Joe her dream of living a normal life without her
crushing responsibilities. That night, at a dance on a boat, government
agents finally track her down and try to escort her away, but a wild melee
breaks out and Joe and Anya escape. Through all this, they gradually fall
in love, but Anya realizes that their relationship cannot continue.
She finally bids farewell to Joe and returns to the embassy…

During the course of the day, Hennessy learns that the princess is missing,
not ill as claimed. He suspects that Joe knows where she is, and tries to get
him to admit it, but Joe claims to know nothing about it. Knowing Joe’s
feelings for Anya, Irving reluctantly decides not to sell his photos.
The next day, Princess Ann appears at the delayed news conference, and is
surprised to find Joe and Irving among the members of the press.
Irving takesher picture with the same miniature cigarette lighter/camera
he had used the previous day….

He then presents her with the photographs he had taken that day,
discreetly tucked in an envelope, as a memento of her adventure.
Joe lets her know, by allusion, that her secret is safe with them.
She, in turn, works into her bland statements a coded message of
love and gratitude to Joe. She then departs, leaving Joe to linger
for a while, contemplating what might have been….

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